The table below displays the types of data that may be stored on Box (using your Penn State account, not personal account). Utilize the search feature to search on a keyword or type of data. Review the table legend for the definition of symbols.

CategoryData TypeBox (Web & Official Box + Assured Third Party Apps)Box (all other Third Party Apps)
PublicCampus Mapsaccepted accepted
PublicDirectory information (where no Confidentiality Hold applies)accepted accepted
PublicEmail addresses of individuals (not bulk listings of all entries data mined from central or unit services)accepted accepted
PublicEmployee work addresses accepted accepted
PublicLibrary catalog information accepted accepted
PublicNetwork diagrams minus specific IP addresses accepted accepted
PublicNews stories (subject to copyright restrictions) accepted accepted
PublicOrganizational charts (unless otherwise specified by the unit) accepted accepted
PublicPublic-facing web sites containing general information about Penn State accepted accepted
PublicPublic relations brochures accepted accepted
PublicActive interlibrary loan records accepted accepted
Internal/ControlledAlumni Directories acceptedno
Internal/ControlledBuilding blueprints unless designated as restricted by OPP or the unit acceptedno
Internal/ControlledBulk email address listings containing all members of a major population (e.g., all
students, all faculty/staff)
Internal/ControlledEmployee home addresses unless permission is obtained acceptedno
Internal/ControlledFinancial account numbers of the institution acceptedno
Internal/ControlledGuest information (e.g., hotels, conferences, sports camps) acceptedno
Internal/ControlledInformation regarding University-owned vehicles (e.g., license plate numbers, VIN’s, insurance) acceptedno
Internal/ControlledInventory Records – Food Services acceptedno
Internal/ControlledLibrary Collections limited to Penn State use only acceptedno
Internal/ControlledLivestock (purchase and care information) acceptedno
Internal/ControlledNetwork diagrams with specific IP addresses (unless categorized as restricted by the unit) acceptedno
Internal/ControlledOther inventory records (e.g., sports equipment) acceptedno
Internal/ControlledPenn State Identification Number (PSUID) acceptedno
Internal/ControlledPurchasing and receiving reports acceptedno
Internal/ControlledPurchasing receipts acceptedno
Internal/ControlledBiosafety, radioactive isotopes, animal subjects, and human participants research protocols consultno
Internal/ControlledResearch data NOT subject to contractual, legal, or regulatory restrictions acceptedno
Internal/ControlledSponsored Project contracts, grants and associated protocols acceptedno
Internal/ControlledStaff Directories acceptedno
Internal/ControlledTravel reimbursement forms (unless a specific credit card number or SSN is included) acceptedno
RestrictedAccess control system data (e.g., key card database(s), ID card database(s))nono
RestrictedActive library circulation records acceptedno
RestrictedAdmission and financial aid informationnono
RestrictedBuilding HVAC Monitoring/Control datanono
RestrictedBuilding safety plansnono
RestrictedBursar bills that are personally identifiablenono
RestrictedCustomer credit card numbers (PCI must also be taken into account)nono
RestrictedDetails of University Budgets acceptedno
Restricted Directory Information (with Confidentiality Holds)nono
RestrictedDisability status other than aggregate statisticsnono
RestrictedDonor information acceptedno
RestrictedDrivers’s License numbersnono
RestrictedEmployee background check informationnono
RestrictedEmployment Applications acceptedno
RestrictedEthnicity data other than aggregate statisticsnono
RestrictedFaculty tenure and review information acceptedno
RestrictedFaculty/staff emergency contact information acceptedno
RestrictedGraduate applications acceptedno
RestrictedHuman Subject Information (May have additional security requirements as identified by the originator or the Institutional Review Board)consult Consult with the IRBno
RestrictedIndividual benefit electionsnono
RestrictedInformation to/from University Legal Counsel unless otherwise designatedconsultConsult with the OGCno
RestrictedIntellectual property information owned by Penn State acceptedno
RestrictedNon-directory information, to include photographs of individuals unless permission has been obtained for their use acceptedno
RestrictedOther SCADA Monitoring/Control Datanono
RestrictedPassport numbernono
RestrictedPassword or other system access control information (to include biometric identification parameters)nono
RestrictedPersonally identifiable bank account/routing numbersnono
RestrictedPersonally identifiable grade or transcript information acceptedno
RestrictedPersonally Identifiable Health Information (PHI). May also be subject to HIPAA controls acceptedno
RestrictedPolice Officer’s personal contact informationnono
RestrictedProprietary information obtained under a Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA)nono
RestrictedPurchasing Card (PCard) numbernono
RestrictedResearch data subject to contractual, legal, or regulatory restrictions (e.g., classified data, export controlled data, proprietary data, human subjects data)nono
RestrictedHuman Participant Data (may have additional security requirements as identified by the originator or the Institutional Review Board) consult consult with the IRBno
RestrictedAnimal Subject Data consult consult with the IACUCno
RestrictedBiosafety Data consult consult with the Biosafety Committeeno
RestrictedSalary information acceptedno
RestrictedTax information related to individuals no no
RestrictedSecurity camera recordings nono
RestrictedSecurity settings or details of security configurations (e.g., detailed firewall rulesets) nono
RestrictedSocial Security Numbers nono
RestrictedStaff employee review information acceptedno
RestrictedStudent Academic Actions (e.g., drops, holds) acceptedno
RestrictedStudent Emergency Contact Information acceptedno
RestrictedWorkman’s Compensation or Disability Claims nono
RestrictedTechnology licensing and invention disclosure information acceptedno
RestrictedClassified and Export Controlled Datanono
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