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The table below displays where internal/controlled data is permitted to be stored. Utilize the search feature to search on a keyword or type of data. Review the table legend for the definition of symbols.

Controlled Data
Adobe Connect accepted
Apple iCloudno
Web & Official Box + Assured Third Party AppsSee full listing
All other Third Party Box AppsSee full listing
CrashPlan accepted
Data Warehouse accepted
Departmental File Server (with appropriate ACLS and approval from local IT staff) accepted
FileLocker accepted
Media Fireno
OneDrive (Microsoft SkyDrive)no
Other third parties not listed consult Consult with Security Operations and Services to see if contract exists
PASS accepted
Personal Account (Evernote, DropBox)no
Qualtrics accepted
RCC Clusters accepted
Scholarsphereconsult Consult with ScholarSphere Service Team
TSM Backup accepted
U drive (not departmental drive) accepted
UCS Briefcase accepted
Wikispaces accepted
Yammer accepted

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